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The NFC Mantra: Innovation And End Users

2020 NFC Forum Innovation Award Judges Share Thoughts on NFC and Innovation

The 2020 NFC Innovation Awards are about discovering new ways that NFC technology can be implemented to improve business strategies, introduce new inventions and deliver a social impact for people in need. This year the NFC Forum is honored to have a great team of judges from a mix of industries to review submissions from startups, developers, entrepreneurs and organizations.

Today, we asked the following industry experts questions about NFC innovation. Their responses are published below:

Dr. Dean Anthony Gratton, technology futurist and columnist

Gerhard Romen, founder and general manager, GWR Consult

Claire Swedberg, editor, RFID Journal

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Question: Where do you think the innovation in NFC will come from over the next few years?

Claire Swedberg: Contactless payments and NFC ticketing solutions are going to maintain their trajectory, but I expect innovators are developing solutions that range far beyond payment — as well as brand authentication, entertainment and consumer engagement — into applications that weren’t even conceived a few years ago.

Gerhard Romen: From a combination of two areas. One from established players like Financial Service Providers. The other one from innovative start-ups seeing new areas of use and business.

Question: What in your opinion is the key benefit NFC provides users?

Dr. Dean Anthony Gratton: NFC is the magic wand of wireless technologies: a simple swish of your NFC-enabled device can gain you access to buildings, cinemas, and subways, and another swish or two can allow you to make a payment and even to simplify connectivity with other wireless technologies.*

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The 2020 judges are looking forward to seeing innovations using NFC across multiple applications, making everyday interactions simpler, safer and connected across a variety of markets. Judges are also looking for submissions that show how NFC benefits the end user. To learn more about the 2020 NFC Innovation Awards program click here.

*Dr. Gratton is the author of The Handbook of Personal Area Networking Technologies and Protocols, Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Originally published in NFC Forum.


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