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Playing God with Artificial Intelligence

Camden Media, March 2024

About this book … 

The concept of ‘artificial intelligence’ has been eulogised within science fiction since the early twentieth century, and today, it is accompanied with a tenacious desire to transition this fiction into some kind of reality. AI has become engulfed in hysteria—its expectations have been exaggerated, widely confused, and erroneously distorted. Playing God with Artificial Intelligence dispels the misconceptions surrounding AI and forms a realistic betterment in understanding, as there is an uncensored belief in something not entirely understood. The book offers a more accurate and comprehensive notion of what is believed to be AI, what it isn’t, and what it might achieve in the future.

Playing God controversially presents numerous suppositions as to how to create an intelligent agent that can think and reason independently. With the establishment of a ‘freedom of thought,’ it considers plagiarising nature and explores the development of an ethical and morally responsible ‘being’ who will have an innate ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The book examines several philosophies to strengthen its conjecture in support of the birth of an intelligent agent, Zavier—who might become humankind’s saviour. The book explores the process of shaping and architecting a digital mind, encompassing awareness and a level of consciousness that may one day bestow ‘free will’ to this creation.


Playing God is for industry analysts, academics, developers, data scientists and, more broadly, anyone with an interest in learning more about artificial intelligence.


Introducing the EnOcean Ecosystem

EnOcean Alliance, 2015

About this book … 

Introducing the EnOcean ecosystem’ offers the reader a reflective and historical narrative covering the technology’s relatively short and successful history, as well as introducing the benefits of EnOcean Alliance membership whilst sharing some of the attributes that succinctly characterises EnOcean’s energy harvesting technology. What’s more, we’ll explore EnOcean’s current product portfolio and discuss the technology’s market scope. Likewise, we’ll better understand how EnOcean fares with its competitors and examine several differentiators that uniquely distinguish EnOcean from its competition. Finally, we’ll explore in some detail, the Dolphin hardware and software architectures, as well as the equipment profiles that provide EnOcean with its application-base.


The Handbook of Personal Area
Networking Technologies and Protocols

Cambridge University Press, 2013

About this book … 

This handbook offers an unparalleled view of the wireless personal area networking technologies and their associated protocols. It lifts the lid on their growing adoption within the consumer electronics, domotics, sports/fitness, health and well-being sectors. 

Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, EnOcean and ANT+ are comprehensively covered, along with other WPAN technologies including NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth classic and high speed, and WHDI. It also features 802.11ac, the Internet of Things, Wireless USB, WiGig and WirelessHD.  

The handbook shows how white space radio, cellular and Femtocells have inadvertently blurred the boundaries between personal and wide area communications, creating disruptive topologies through technology convergence. It explores how pervasive WAN technologies have spawned a new generation of consumers through the Lawnmower Man Effect (LME) and explains how our personal space has become integral to social media streams, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. ​ 


De 0 a 100.000
Social media para profesionales y pequenas empresas 

Anaya Multimedia, 2012

Présentation de l'éditeur … 
Cierre los ojos. Visualice 100.000 personas entusiasmadas con su negocio y su marca. Personas que compran sus servicios o productos y que les cuentan a sus amigos lo buenos que son, y todo esto sin tener que pagar por ello. Este es el plan sencillo y de bajo coste que propone esta obra; localizar a sus posibles clientes en los medios sociales, conectar con ellos y darles lo que desean, para que pueda obtener una excelente reputación y presencia en los medios online, y todo ello en diez pasos. Si desea que su empresa sea reconocida entre sus consumidores y atraer a los que todavía no lo son, este libro es el perfecto compañero de bolsillo en su viaje por los medios sociales y una lectura única con la que disfrutar mientras va recorriendo su camino hacia el éxito.



Zero to 100,000
Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Business 

Que (an imprint of Pearson), 2011

About this book … 
Close your eyes. Now, envision 100,000 people who are passionate about you, your business, and your brand! We’re talking about people who buy your stuff, and then tell their friends how incredibly great you are—without being paid to do it. People who follow your every move, look to you for guidance, and can’t wait to hear what you’re up to next. ​ Your 100,000 people. Your two football stadiums full of cheering fans. They’re out there, looking for you. Here’s your easy, low-cost social media plan for finding them…connecting with them…giving them what they want—so they can make you stunningly, incredibly successful! 


Developing Practical Wireless Applications 

Digital Press Books (an imprint of Elsevier), 2007

About this book … 

In a constant stream of new ideas, wireless technologies continue to emerge offering a range of capabilities, each affording simplicity and ease-of-use. Such diversity and choice should surely raise the question, "are manufacturers using the right technology for the right product?" 

Developing Practical Wireless Applications will explore this question and, in doing so, will illustrate many of the wireless technologies currently available whilst drawing upon their individual strengths and weaknesses. More specifically, the book will draw your attention to the diverse collection of standardized and proprietary solutions available to manufacturers. As developers and innovators your choices are not restricted to any norm and, as such, a standardized or proprietary solution may afford you greater benefits in realising any product roadmap.


Marketing Wireless Products 

Butterworth-Heinemann (an imprint of Elsevier), 2004

About this book … 

Marketing Wireless Products provides a comprehensive insight into the world of wireless technology marketing by addressing the many issues faced in effectively presenting this new technology to the end user/consumer. 

The book is based upon the rationale that technology marketing, and in particular wireless technology marketing, has always proved somewhat paradoxical to those working within the industry. By drawing upon the knowledge of industry leaders within the wireless world, the reader significantly benefits from the personal experiences of those who are primarily responsible for communicating a product's message to the consumer. 

To those entering the world of technology marketing for the first time, Marketing Wireless Products provides a valuable tutorial, opening up the reader to the thoughts and experiences of industry figureheads, whilst encouraging the birth of fresh perspectives. To existing technology marketers, the book provides a valuable reference, allowing the reader to consider his/her particular approach to marketing alongside the successes and failures of peers.


Bluetooth Profiles 
The Definitive Guide 

Prentice Hall (an imprint of Pearson), 2003

About this book … 

This book is aimed at the Bluetooth community that is currently developing applications on top of the Bluetooth Core. Gratton details the usage scenarios for Bluetooth, known as Profiles, essentially defining the end-user applications and their interoperability requirements. The whole Bluetooth community strives to build applications based upon the new wireless technology that is Bluetooth: Bluetooth Profiles will show them how. Bluetooth is set to become a revolutionary communications technology that will affect the lives of us all in some shape or form. It will simplify the operation and installation of new and existing products and, despite numerous vendors providing a vast range of exciting products, its functionality will exist almost invisibly and seamlessly. This book does not aim to provide you with a history of Bluetooth nor does it explain why it was created; instead, it embodies the firm belief that it is already here.

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