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An IoT PaaS:
My Implementation Quest

Technically Speaking, June 2017

   “It’s baby steps at the moment in my quest to realize my PaaS and I only have a certain window to deliver my solution to business.…”

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“The more I research, the more I discover and understand that the internet of things (IoT) is still very much in its infancy. Many companies I’ve spoken with are still at the paperware stage, with promises of delivering exactly what I need and, of course, satisfying all of my broad expectations with no sight of my requirements. Moreover, each company I’ve spoken with has its own unique definition of what IoT actually is – it’s so frustrating!

Delivering My IoT PaaS
I want to see something more tangible than PowerPoint slides – I don’t want that warm and fuzzy assurance of “Yes, of course we can do that.” I want to go onsite or hold something in my hand and see a real-world solution but, typically, I’m palmed off with, “It’s only a proof of concept (PoC) at this stage, so it’s still confidential. …”

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In the Mix:
How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Come Together

Technically Speaking, April 2017

   “It will enable us to truly interact with the world around us; our personal assistant, our studio and our entertainment arena.”

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“As a self-confessed futurist, I find myself waiting with both intrigue and excitement to see what augmented reality (AR) goodies Apple is poised to present later to us this year. Yes, I have been privy to some recent gossip over the last few months that Apple will venture into this upcoming domain and announce their “glasses.”

Revving the Engines With the Big Boys
Setting aside the gossip and rumors however, AR is something that the overall industry is buzzing about. But there’s an added depth to the hype that lifts its potential to a whole new level. In particular, a hybrid fusion of the best of AR and virtual reality (VR) technology has been coined mixed reality (MR) – no, I’m not making this up! You see, mixed reality is set to transform every part of our lives. And I mean everything! From the way we work to the way we educate our children, to the way we teach and practice medicine. I may have started somewhat flippantly but, seriously, this has huge potential across all industries.”

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One Thing We Do Know About 5G:
It’s Inevitable!

Technically Speaking, March 2017

   “5G will take several guises and probably provide patchy coverage for some of us, but it will arrive in some form.”

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“4G as a mobile telecommunications technology has been bandied around for over a decade or so and has appeared prematurely in several guises, predominately due to industry rumors, gossip and, alas, hype.

Progressive Steps to a New Generation
I do my best to no longer think in terms of 2G and 3G since in the UK we are building up the expectation of the 4G network. Incidentally, this is not backward compatible with earlier cellular generations, much to the dismay of the network operators, who are perhaps reluctant to dip their hands into their pockets and upgrade their equipment.”

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What Can We Expect?, February 2017

   “ I shall be roaming the aisles with an all-knowing insight; shimmying with the people that know a thing or two and rubbing shoulders with the people that matter”

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“So, CES has passed – did anyone notice or was it just me? Yep, that’s right! Another year filled with lacklustre malarkey, probably at the expense of those who attended, right?

Piquing interest with rumours
I don’t necessarily want to be the harbinger of sombre news but, short of new displays and the surfacing of augmented and virtual reality cupcakes, nothing else happened, which leads me quite nicely to this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona where, I hope, we’ll see a lot more singing and dancing!…”

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