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ARMed for Broadcast Technology Success
Skype in Media, September 2015

   “All very down to earth for a company that is brushing shoulders with movie industry royalty. ”

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“It came as no surprise when I heard the news that Cambridge born and based ARM had been presented with the IBC 2015 International Honour for Excellence. You know ARM, right? Well ARM is the British semiconductor company that designs processors or CPUs for a myriad of portable devices for mobile phones and tablets. Microsoft Windows 10, for example, has run on tablet devices powered by ARM, which are a world away from the typical x86_64 architecture dominated by Intel.

Anyway, in the presence of the world’s most influential broadcast and entertainment companies, industry experts gathered in Amsterdam to celebrate excellence in broadcast media technology — and the transformation of media consumption today.  …”

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Network Function Virtualisation: 101
Technically Speaking, September 2015

   “NFV is a virtualization concept injected with an unstable amount of steroids, since its objective is to eliminate or reduce the dependency for dedicated hardware…”

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“I've often seen this topic being discussed on Technically Speaking and for a while I've been curious to understand more about the technology and its applications. So I decided to take an observer's perspective and explore the ideas that uniquely form network functions virtualization (NFV). I wanted to not only achieve a personal understanding, but also to share the key concepts surrounding the technology with others.

Virtual Computing
   virtual (/ˈvəːtʃʊəl / adjective)
   computing (/kəmˈpjuːtɪŋ / noun)
 — not physically existing, as such, but made by software to appear to do so …”

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Why We Shouldn't Hang Up on the Landline, September 2015

   “But before we all look sadly to the sunset days of the landline, perhaps we should consider the safety implications of such a move.”

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““The traditional telephone has become an endangered species it seems. That reassuring purr of the landline when we pick up the receiver is a sound that many will never get to hear. The mobile phone is, of course, to blame. It’s managed to kill off an abundance of electronic devices; everything from the Walkman to many a portable game player and has had a dramatic impact on the sale of cameras and camcorders.

For the masses, today’s smartphone has it all it seems, but for me it lacks the innocence of those clunky-handset days of old. Call me a sentimental old fool, but I recall with nostalgic whimsy the days when you could call up someone dozens of times, just to annoy them, with the satisfaction of knowing there was no way for them to find out who you were. So what: I may have been a naughty boy. ”

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  Zero - 100,000      
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The Next Generation of
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Classic Bluetooth®, high speed and low energy technologies
John Wiley & Sons, expected 2015

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The Next Generation of Bluetooth® wireless technology provides a thorough analysis of the Bluetooth v4.x specification, that is, classic Bluetooth, high speed and low energy (Bluetooth Smart) technologies.

In this book, Gratton addresses all aspects of the new Bluetooth v4.x specification. The book provides extensive coverage of the physical and data link layers; the host controller; Bluetooth’s host (upper) protocol stack layers, as well as providing insight into security, encryption and authentication schemes. What’s more, Gratton offers an understanding of the testing, certification and qualification processes, which are all new to the v4.x specification. Finally, the book assists the reader in making informed decisions as to their Bluetooth product roadmap and assesses Bluetooth’s role within the Internet of Things (IoT).


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