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  September 2014      

Has the hype killed the White Space radio star?, September 2014

   “Seriously? Is this someone’s warped, distorted, heavily medicated ‘futuristic’ vision – talking refrigerators and now talking bins?”

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“I’m hoping that everyone caught my first feature covering white space radio last month, Where are we with white space radio? as this is the second instalment. In part one, I offered a recollection of, and explained ‘what is’, white space radio. What’s more, I recalled the enormous hype surrounding the technology that ballooned three of four years ago, whilst I mulled over its application potential.

In this second feature, I want to take a closer look at why white space has seemingly stumbled, despite its surrounding hype. I have to confess that, in my experience, there’s always an associated amount of puffery within the telecommunications industry – an inflated balloon of hyperbole used to garner momentum for a new technology. …”

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  August 2014      

The Big Push to Digitise Your Wallet using NFC
Technically Speaking, September 2014

   “Apple’s iBeacon… an automatic debit at a PoS is, for me, grossly unnerving and unrealistic as a consumer-wide proposition.”

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“It’s been rumoured that Near Field Communications (NFC) is dead – rest assured, it isn’t! I have also overheard several rumours that suggest Apple have finally integrated NFC into their next generation iPhone. Well, I made the same prediction a couple of years ago about their iPhone 5, which was released in September 2012, but it never happened - didn’t I feel like a silly billy.

In fact, a number of ‘patented’ images of the new generation iPhone have appeared in numerous stories across the Internet, all of which do seem to allude to an NFC chip integrated into the new phone. But, I hasten to add, with the iPhone 5 I saw a pre-launch (allegedly authentic) image of the same thing, which led to my earlier prediction! So, I guess, this time, I’m a little hesitant to offer any prophecy and become the foreseer of all things NFC-enabled since, for me, it’s déjà vu all over again. …”

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  Zero - 100,000      
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