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The Strange World of Skype Bots
Skype in Media, November 2016

   “Pete shakes his head and returns to Spock for more Vulcan gems of wisdom. It’s Friday night and my friend is still fixated on his screen…”

Excerpt …
“Fancy a pint?” my colleague Frank exclaimed and, indeed, it was that time of the day – of the week for that matter! 5pm on a Friday and the normal buzz of the office was lulled to a gentle hum from the few PCs still switched on, punctuated occasionally by an exasperated gurgle from the over-heated coffee maker in the corner. “Why not!” I exclaimed and motioned for another colleague, Peter, to join us. “I’ll join you in a while” he replied, returning to his screen. “What’s this?” Frank chortled “never known you to turn down the chance for a happy-hour special Pete”. “If you must know I’m having a conversation with Spock” Peter said matter-of-factly, as if chatting with a Vulcan was the most natural thing in the world.
“Aaalllllllright!” I ventured with feigned concern “giving you lessons in mind-melding, is he?”

“He’s attempting humour and needs my opinion” Pete responded brusquely, clearly annoyed by the distraction. I moved to look at his screen. …”

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Gigabit Home Networking with, October 2016

   “It’s powerline’s ease-of-use that makes it such an attractive proposition for everyday non-technical consumers…”

Excerpt …
“Nowadays, Powerline Communications (PLC) has become a well-understood and established technology that enables data transfer over your existing electrical cabling; yet, it’s a technology that’s not ordinarily associated with extending your home network in hard-to-reach or blackspot areas across your home.

Narrowband vs Broadband
To be honest, my first thought when choosing to ensure smooth and seamless connectivity across my home, was to source a Wi-Fi extender so that I can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity all over my house. In fact, it also extends quite comfortably to the garden where I can achieve speeds of up to 60Mbps – in the office, I typically achieve 75Mbps. On the other hand, if I had chosen PLC with either an Ethernet or Wi-Fi access point, my connectivity would have apparently extended to the garden shed, which is pretty impressive. …”

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Will the Real IoT Please Stand Up?
Technically Speaking, November 2016

   “One exciting sector, for me, is the IIoT and Industry 4.0, something that’s a serious consideration across Europe. …”

Excerpt …
“The internet of things (IoT) hyperbole has taken an unexpected twist – very similar to my all-time favourite conundrum, which is, "How many mystery writers does it take to change a lightbulb?" Well, the answer is two, of course. You see, you have one to screw the bulb almost in and the second to give a surprise twist at the end.

Breaking News: This IoT Thing Isn’t New!
Just like the surprise twist at the end, for me, the IoT has now taken a journey into the unknown – an uncertain path where I question its viability. The IoT has a natural and logical proposition as to what it should achieve and deliver. I understand how the industry wants to push forward and establish this young technology, but there is a founding supposition, which needs to be adhered to and not taken out of context.”

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The two differences between internet connected devices and IoT things is purpose and scalability
Telefonica, November 2016

   “…[Internet]…us humans no longer have the time or inclination to continue amassing this wealth of information.”

Excerpt …
“The IoT has plateaued at a level where it’s now synonymous with the Internet. So, anything that can connect to the Internet is placed conveniently under the IoT-umbrella. For me, this is quite a shift in my thinking since my deep-seated thoughts lay in viewing a smart object or ‘thing’ as an embedded device. This is still largely true, but it is becoming widespread to consider that any device that’s connected to the Internet is part of the IoT. And I see this move in definition happening across the industry. I do have some caveats, however, as to what can be regarded as part of the IoT. …”

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