Dean Anthony Gratton

In the Mix:
How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Come Together

Technically Speaking, April 2017

   “It will enable us to truly interact with the world around us; our personal assistant, our studio and our entertainment arena.”

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“As a self-confessed futurist, I find myself waiting with both intrigue and excitement to see what augmented reality (AR) goodies Apple is poised to present later to us this year. Yes, I have been privy to some recent gossip over the last few months that Apple will venture into this upcoming domain and announce their “glasses.”

Revving the Engines With the Big Boys
Setting aside the gossip and rumors however, AR is something that the overall industry is buzzing about. But there’s an added depth to the hype that lifts its potential to a whole new level. In particular, a hybrid fusion of the best of AR and virtual reality (VR) technology has been coined mixed reality (MR) – no, I’m not making this up! You see, mixed reality is set to transform every part of our lives. And I mean everything! From the way we work to the way we educate our children, to the way we teach and practice medicine. I may have started somewhat flippantly but, seriously, this has huge potential across all industries.”

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