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Hold that Flight, I've Got Skype!
Skype in Media, August 2015

   “I’m wearing a shirt and tie but little does he know that, from the waist down I’m completely naked, except, that is, for my furry socks!”

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“I remember it well: That crowded airport, the hustle, the bustle, the constant announcements broken occasionally by the sound of frantic footsteps from those dashing to make their flight. The beguiling smile of the check-in ladies, their eyes seemingly following my gaze with knowing congeniality. And then, out of the blue, a gunshot and screams, panic everywhere and then another shot and the eerie silence of fear becomes almost deafening in its resonance. A man appears, just a black silhouette at first, but I know who he is, we all do. With every step he takes we feel a growing sense of relief and I find myself mopping my brow as John McClane steps forward to save the day. “Wow” I say to myself “I bloody love Die Hard 2”.  …”

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Making Your Energy Meter, Smart, August 2015

   “What makes a meter ‘smart’? Well, some ‘smart arse’ decided to put a ‘chip’ into them, along with some other gubbins that could make the dreary energy supplier representative redundant.… ”

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“I mentioned in last month’s post that I was all IoT’d out, yet I find myself looking at ‘smart meters’ this month and, alas, the technology seems to sit under the Internet of Things (IoT) umbrella. Nonetheless, despite the ‘big data’ implications, there’s a lesser known factoid, which I may touch upon in next month’s column – but more about that later.

I’ll be back!
The British government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is responsible for overseeing its energy policy throughout the United Kingdom and, in its white paper, the focus is on the reform of the electricity market. In particular, the rollout of ‘smart meters’ and the improvement of energy efficiency for existing UK housing, commercial and industry buildings should empower consumers and businesses to ultimately benefit from energy efficient improvements to both new and existing buildings, which is all sweetly dubbed ‘The Green Deal’.  …”

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5G: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Just a Case of Premature Exaggeration?
Technically Speaking, August 2015

   “So where are we with 5G? Well, perhaps that should be “Where aren’t we?” as there are still so many questions and, it seems, miles to go before we know the answers. ”

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““But some of us haven’t even got 4G yet!” – were the first words spoken by my wife when I mentioned this article topic to her.

Of course she’s right – the wife’s always right! But seriously, isn’t talking about 5G about as premature as getting excited that Tokyo are hosting the Olympic Games in 2020? And it’s not because it’s a secret; it’s simply because, as yet, no-one really knows what it is. No one except, it seems, British Prime Minister David Cameron, who captured the headlines with his spin-heavy, hashtag-laden speech during the opening of CeBIT in Germany last year. Dear old David got quite carried away with all the technical buzzwords as he gushed about the benefits of the forthcoming 5G, especially the fact that he would soon be able to download a movie in a single second! What? Wow, David, let’s find out more! Ask the experts perhaps? Not much luck there it seems, as Hoseein Mojin, the CTO at Nokia Solutions and Networks, one of the companies charged with creating the 5G future, recently declared “I have no idea what 5G is!”

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