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50 Shades of Smart!
Technically Speaking, April 2015

   “Home and business security is an increasingly dominant need within the smart home sphere.”

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“The ‘Smart home,’ ‘home automation’ or ‘Domotics’ are all comparable notions that have been conjured up in the minds of many. Ultimately, how will technology ease our mundane, and routine lives? I was speaking with a former colleague about how, during the 1980s, smart home technology aimed to alleviate the tediousness of our daily lives when I recalled a few anecdotes of the then would-be technology. I was taken aback when my colleague was able to recall a similar notion as far back as the 1960s which, to be honest, surprised me – no, not his age, simply that the smart home idea isn’t entirely new. Yet today it’s touted as something new and, alas, is still very much finding its way!

Is it Still Science Fiction? In researching this feature, I came across a product called the “iKettle” and couldn’t help but gasp at the horror of using your iPhone or other compatible device to turn on the kettle from bed! Seriously, have our lives become so lackadaisical that we now need to remotely switch our kettle on from bed? Surely, there was a point at which you had to fill the kettle up with water? With this in mind, I have now created a new product range called the “iWonder” – the range includes, “-Why?” and “-What next?” or pretty much anything you wish to suffix, allowing you to grapple with some bewildering product ideas.

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It's All About the 'Cell'!, April 2015

   “It seems this ‘Big Data’ thing is already happening and it’s set to increase exponentially but, to what end?”

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“In last month’s feature, I mentioned that I planned to speak with ip.access and, as promised, I did catch up with Nick Johnson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO); Gavin Ray, Senior Vice President (SVP), Products and Marketing, and the ever-so wonderful, Emmanuela Spiteri Micallef, Senior Marketing Manager; all based in Cambridge.

It was a chat that pretty much started with the good, bad and ugly surrounding small cell technology and I made my thoughts abundantly clear about such malarkey. Nonetheless, our conversation turned to their ‘presenceCell’ technology and its proposition. In fact, both Nick and Gavin described their presenceCell offering as ‘kinda-like’ a small cell. So, whilst keeping a composed and ‘smiley’ face over the phone, I did think this was not the best start since a small cell is a low powered femtocell, right?  …”

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  Zero - 100,000      
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The Next Generation of
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Classic Bluetooth®, high speed and low energy technologies
John Wiley & Sons, expected 2015

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The Next Generation of Bluetooth® wireless technology provides a thorough analysis of the Bluetooth v4.x specification, that is, classic Bluetooth, high speed and low energy (Bluetooth Smart) technologies.

In this book, Gratton addresses all aspects of the new Bluetooth v4.x specification. The book provides extensive coverage of the physical and data link layers; the host controller; Bluetooth’s host (upper) protocol stack layers, as well as providing insight into security, encryption and authentication schemes. What’s more, Gratton offers an understanding of the testing, certification and qualification processes, which are all new to the v4.x specification. Finally, the book assists the reader in making informed decisions as to their Bluetooth product roadmap and assesses Bluetooth’s role within the Internet of Things (IoT).


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