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  August 2014      

A Belated Look Ahead at 2015, January 2015

   “I really, really want to remain positive, but cellular operators across the UK ‘collaborating?’ Oh how I laughed out loud and fell off my chair!”

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“Okay, so I haven’t been ‘first to press’ with my ‘tech radar’ intuition, and other industry pundits have certainly piped me to the post with their seemingly all-knowing telecom predictions for 2015 – well, I didn’t want to be predictable (excuse the pun) yet here I am with my tuppence worth. Is it too late to wish everyone a happy New Year?

The world according to Apple
Let’s kick off with Apple: As we already know, Apple launched their new iPhone last year and it offered the promise of what would become the electronic wallet; not a new idea and it certainly has remained an elusive feature with consumers, although it’s been touted for many years. In fact, both Samsung and Google already have their individual versions of the ‘e-wallet,’ but it seems that no-one sits up and takes notice until the big ‘A’ ventures into the same domain. With Apple Pay, to be launched in the UK and across Europe this year, consumers will soon be able to make electronic purchases with their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.  …”

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