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Software-defined Networking: 101
Technically Speaking, August 2016

   “As an individual or large corporation, no matter where you are in the world, you have access to your digital stash!…”

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“I thought I’d take a look at software-defined networking (SDN) this month, since it’s another topic I regularly see across Technically Speaking and a subject that’s been populating most technology news headlines recently. Like my previous article covering Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) which was published last year, I wanted to not only understand the subject matter better myself, but share with you the fundamentals of the concept as well as its supposition.

Outsourcing Your Data
So, I began with undertaking some initial research and started to pull out what SDN was all about and what, ultimately, it wants to achieve. At first glance, I was amazed that, like most technologies, it seems SDN is not entirely new and started to surface circa. 1995, although I’m not going to delve into its history here.”

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Shrugging off the bugs:
Exploring consumer complacency, August 2016

   “…one of my notable and subtle bugs resulted in the Chair of the company being held at gunpoint in Russia.”

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“I have often been described as a seasoned or veteran engineer – well, I mean, in terms of software engineering and all things wireless and telecommunications, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). Ordinarily, when I hear such an adjective used to sum up my many years in the industry, I automatically associate myself with being ‘old’. Humph!

What happened to good software development?
So, here’s the truth: I have for the best part of 20 years developed embedded software for a variety of processors and then delved into writing Microsoft Windows device drivers – the oddest black art experience, as you can only imagine – but I did it all so well (just saying). More recently, I have moved into software or solution architecting, increasingly ‘blueprinting’ the future of what technology is and ultimately what it should do. …”

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Connecting the cows, chickens
and sheep through the IoT

Skype in Media, August 2016

   “Somebody please call the farmer and tell him one of the pumpkins has escaped!”

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“I’m taking a rather heavenly perspective while reflecting upon Microsoft’s vision for the Internet of Things (IoT). It seems that when it comes to ‘all things connected,’ the essential premise of the IoT, they’re definitely looking upwards in terms of where their future lies. Yes, of course, I’m talking about that all-important Cloud – the one with all the big data and giant expectations. It may be a light and fluffy view of connected assets but, as so often in life, the best ideas are often the simplest.

Keeping everyone in the loop
Certainly in terms of costly outages Microsoft’s vision of prescriptive maintenance is a Godsend, allowing businesses of all sizes to be alerted to any issues before they become operational problems with Microsoft Azure portal whereas, on a smaller scale, Windows 10 IoT Core allows you to connect your devices from your PC. As such, you’re empowered with a set of truly portable visualisation tools, meaning quite simply, that all those data-hungry analytics will be accessible and updatable in real-time from wherever you are. …”

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