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Can the Internet of Things Save Edna?, May 2015

   “From monitoring the wearer’s activity levels in the day to setting expected activity levels as a benchmark, careable devices will be able to detect and report any noticeable change… ”

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“Dear sweet Edna.

She’s 84 years young, independently-driven and with an amazingly sound mind. She’s determined, and crikey, she bakes the most delicious cakes – forget your Fitzbillies (Cambridge, UK), Edna’s carrot cake always assures her of a daily visitor or two gracing her doorstep.

It’s all too easy to forego the stereotypical images you inevitably conjure up of a retired English teacher, living on her own. Some have described Edna, as a confident woman who enjoys living her life on her own terms and having the freedom to potter around her idyllic one-bedroom cottage in the centre of Cambridge. Edna’s steady visitors to her home on Newnham Road, always assure her of her independence and reaffirm her undying belief that old age hasn’t robbed her of her dignity.  …”

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The Next Generation of
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Classic Bluetooth®, high speed and low energy technologies
John Wiley & Sons, expected 2015

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The Next Generation of Bluetooth® wireless technology provides a thorough analysis of the Bluetooth v4.x specification, that is, classic Bluetooth, high speed and low energy (Bluetooth Smart) technologies.

In this book, Gratton addresses all aspects of the new Bluetooth v4.x specification. The book provides extensive coverage of the physical and data link layers; the host controller; Bluetooth’s host (upper) protocol stack layers, as well as providing insight into security, encryption and authentication schemes. What’s more, Gratton offers an understanding of the testing, certification and qualification processes, which are all new to the v4.x specification. Finally, the book assists the reader in making informed decisions as to their Bluetooth product roadmap and assesses Bluetooth’s role within the Internet of Things (IoT).


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