Dean Anthony Gratton

Who needs Santa when you have Skype?
Skype in Media, December 2016

   “The stockings here are hung, the cards are displayed and I need another glass of mulled wine to absorb it all…”

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“I couldn’t feel more festive if you covered me in chocolate, sprinkled me liberally with icing sugar and called me a Yule log!

Test Drive Skype Preview Yourself!
You see, ‘Skype Preview’ for Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile is bringing a veritable smorgasbord of additional features to its software; providing further proof of why it is, and will continue to be, the industry standard for voice communication tools.”

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The Agoraphobic Shopper, December 2016

   “I get this feeling people don’t like people at that special time of year.”

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“It’s that time of year where we start to think about our Christmas shopping, although some stores would have you believe that Christmas shopping should start much earlier!

Put Christmas in a goddamn box!
Yes, that time of year where we can expect the crowded car parks with crowded isles and frantic shoppers who believe you must buy all you see, since the shelves will be bare and there will be nothing to feed the family! That time of year when we all know that the shops are closed for just one day, yet we claw everything, just in case and then relish shopping all over again on Boxing Day. …”

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  Zero - 100,000      
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Prentice Hall (an imprint of Pearson), expected 2017

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Just Touch! provides the definitive insight into this, as yet, unsung wireless technology that will simplify connectivity with other wireless technologies. The book will cover the numerous user scenarios that will singularly set NFC apart from other technologies. Just Touch! offers a must have resource for designers, developers and software engineers, as it provides a technical how-to covering all aspects of the NFC software and hardware architectures from the ground-up. It’s an essential read for product planners, technical marketers and researchers alike, as Just Touch! provides a comprehensive insight into the technology and market potential.


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