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  October 2014      

The Zen of the 'N'
Why Weightless Finally Makes Sense?, October 2014

   “NWave, a recently signed-up member to join the group, will help to draft the next generation of white space technology…”

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“I intimated in last month’s feature that I wanted to tackle small cells aka femtocells. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I will look (honestly) at this in November’s post as something else came along. Let me explain: I was perusing my regular technology haunts for the latest news, gossip and rumours, when I stumbled upon a story about the Weightless SIG and how they have shifted their technology agenda and remit. Alas, this news left me aghast with an awful feeling that I was right, “Has the Hype killed the ‘White space’ radio star?”

Always the last to know
On discovering this revelation, knowing that my feature had already been published, I was nothing more than distraught and quite frankly annoyed! You see, I thought I had the heads-up, that I was ‘in with the crowd’ rubbing shoulders with the likes of… anyway, surely I had a unique route into the ‘know,’ relying on my so called ‘insiders’ who would be happy to metaphorically ‘spill the beans’ for some backhanded moolah, or a glass of wine (let’s not name, names). Clearly, it seems that adopting a News of the World (NOTW) journalistic ‘hack’ on creating upcoming news, gossip and rumours is the way to go, but I didn’t – damn it! Come back Rebekah Brooks et. al., I need you… Alas, it seems I’m always the last to know!  …”

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  Zero - 100,000      
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