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Is this The End of TV as We Know It?
Technically Speaking, February 2015

   “the rise of online video services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime may well be signalling the end of television broadcasting as we have traditionally known it.”

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“Perhaps I should start by explaining the premise of TV here in the UK, for my non-UK readers. First and foremost, any viewer of TV in the UK needs to pay for a TV license, although there's a lesser known caveat to that: Any viewer of live TV needs to pay for a TV license. So, in other words, if you regularly tune in and watch a live broadcast from any channel, irrespective of platform, that is, a TV, tablet or mobile device, you must pay for a TV license. In my household, the wife and I do not watch live TV but, instead, we create our own channel by streaming the programmes we wish to watch, when we want to watch them!

Subscriptions abound
Nowadays, we have every opportunity to tune in to pretty much anything we wish, whether that’s via the likes of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime TV, so long as we have that all-important Internet connection. With this in mind, traditional TV broadcasters are clearly becoming increasingly nervous, since the programming power they once possessed has now been put into the hands of the viewers themselves.  …”

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  August 2014      

The Internet:
Should we keep freedom of expression alive and well?, February 2015

   “Should the Internet be policed and controlled by our respective governments?”

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“The Internet is an open and free platform. You can find anything and everything on the Internet, but not everyone is entirely happy with this kind of open freedom – some countries even inhibit access to selected content. Similarly, for those who have children, access can also be inhibited, so long as you’re au fait with the configuration and set-up of ‘parental control’ schemes offered by most service providers with their hubs or routers.

Unrated, uncensored and widely available
Nevertheless, there is an open abundance of macabre, illicit, sexual and ‘miscellaneous’ content; enough to satisfy the oddest of audiences – even a man from South Yorkshire and his Shetland Pony! With this in mind, and compounded by such shocking reality, I could have downloaded a video showing someone being beheaded. Likewise, access to content of a sexual nature is also indeed plentiful.  …”

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Classic Bluetooth®, high speed and low energy technologies
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The Next Generation of Bluetooth® wireless technology provides a thorough analysis of the Bluetooth v4.x specification, that is, classic Bluetooth, high speed and low energy (Bluetooth Smart) technologies.

In this book, Gratton addresses all aspects of the new Bluetooth v4.x specification. The book provides extensive coverage of the physical and data link layers; the host controller; Bluetooth’s host (upper) protocol stack layers, as well as providing insight into security, encryption and authentication schemes. What’s more, Gratton offers an understanding of the testing, certification and qualification processes, which are all new to the v4.x specification. Finally, the book assists the reader in making informed decisions as to their Bluetooth product roadmap and assesses Bluetooth’s role within the Internet of Things (IoT).


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